Projects Profile

The projects profile for the company includes many various assets in all parts of the worlds.

The most recent deals are below.
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Radiology Group

Radiology Group has been created in 2015 by Drs. Theumann and Browaeys, and is now operating three centers in Payerne, Moudon (VD) and Riaz (FR).

The clinics perform all main radiologic exams and offer high field MRI, last generation CTs, Mammographs and Echographs, dedicated intervention set ups and fully digitalized conventional equipment.

The three modern radiology centers and located next to other medical centers which provide patients to the radiology facilities. The centers count more than 30 independent doctors.

Kugler bimetal

A Swiss company engaged in the production of a combination of steel and bronze (bimetal), designed to solve friction problems. These parts have been developed to meet the most demanding applications where extreme operating conditions are encountered: severe mechanical stresses, high speeds, high accuracy and high temperatures. Such parts, machined to very precise tolerances, are found in the following areas of application: aeronautics, defense, transport, all kinds of machinery, hydraulics, etc.


  • Unique know-how in bronze casting from steel (bimetal)
  • Complete control of the entire value chain, from foundry to machining, to constant quality control
  • The new bimetallic process based on lead-free bronze (K-Box) on the market


#SQUAD Fitness by XFIT is a 558m2 gym in Nicosia, Cyprus and initiated its services as a renovated gym in January 2018. It has an advantageous spot in the heart of the city very close to the business district of Nicosia. The Gym provides a numerous amount of fitness solutions to cover as many needs as possible of the fast growing fitness lifestyle in Cyprus.

The philosophy of the Gym is to have fun in a friendly environment with a semi-personal approach towards the members and this is achieved through excellent team work, specialization and personalization of the programs provided. The Gym management is continuously searching for new trends and ideas and has a great vision with more services to be gradually added in the near future.

Real estate portfolio

Intraware Investments Public Limited owns multiple real estate complexes in CIS which it rents to large companies and small businesses with developed infrastructures. Nearby all complexes there are residential areas, business centers, bank offices, shopping centers, restaurants and cafes.